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5 things I’ve learned since being published (and 2 things I still don’t know)

It’s just over a year since A Fine House in Trinity was published, and I’ve a new book out in June 2017. This seems like an appropriate time to stop and reflect on what I’ve learned since becoming a published author…

Twitter is fab

I was a social media refusenik right up until the moment when I needed to sell books, and realised that being able to talk to book-lovers on the internet might, you know, actually be quite useful? And despite my years of scepticism, once my toe was in the water I found I love Twitter. OK, so there are trolls and far too many gloating Brexiteers, but on balance it’s still fab.

Blog tours are a thing

I'd heard of blogs, and I sort of knew there were book blogs, but blog tours? News to me. Great fun, though, and next time I'm getting tour jackets made and everything.

People really, really, over-estimate how much writers are paid

No, I'm not giving up work. No, I'm not moving house. After being published, you quickly realise that most people over-estimate your royalties by a factor of, I don't know, a gadzillion or so. Some of these people even think we're solvent, for chrissakes!

Other writers are great

The book-buying public isn't huge, so by rights we authors should all be desperately competing against each other for their affection. But it doesn't feel like that. The other authors I've met have been nothing but supportive.

The Bible is copyrighted

Who knew?

And the things I still haven't figured out...

What is Facebook for?

Yeah, I know, cat pics and keeping up with old friends. But bookwise? I have a fan page. Do I need a fan page? Should I post there, or on my timeline, or in a group (and if so, which one?) It's all very confusing.

How often should you post on your blog?

I've done it once in twelve months... is that too much?

Lesley Kelly is published by Sandstone Press. A Fine House in Trinity was longlisted for the William McIlvanney Award 2016. The Health of Strangers will be published in June 2017.


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