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murder at the music factory

ISBN-13: 978-1-912240-93-7

The pandemic is spreading...

An undercover agent gone rogue is threatening to shoot a civil servant a day.  As panic reigns, the Health Enforcement Team races against time to track him down - before someone turns the gun on them.

death at the plague museum

ISBN-13: 978-1912240524

On Friday, three civil servants leading Virus policy hold a secret meeting at the Museum of Plagues and Pandemics. By Monday, two are dead and one is missing.  It's up to Mona and Bernard of the Health Enforcement Team to find the missing official before panic hits the streets.

songs by dead girls

ISBN-13: 978-1912240081

A deadly Virus. A missing academic with a head full of state secrets.  A prostitute on the run. And a drug baron who needs a favour.

All in a day's work for the North Edinburgh Health Enforcement Team.

Songs by Dead Girls is the second installment of The Health of Strangers series, published by Sandstone Press.

the health of strangers



Nobody likes the North Edinburgh Health Enforcement Team, least of all the people who work for it.  An uneasy mix of seconded Police and health service staff, Mona, Bernard and their colleagues stem the spread of the Virus, a mutant strain of influenza, by tracking down people who have missed their monthly health check.

Now two young divinity students are missing, after going drinking in a bikers’ bar.  Mona and Bernard need to fight their way through an investigation involving cults, late night raves, and the mysterious involvement of overseas governments to find the girls - before anyone else does.

Cover of A Fine House in Trinity by Scottish crime writer Lesley Kelly

a fine house in trinity

ISBN-13: 978-1910124956


A Fine House in Trinity is a Leith-set contemporary crime novel about an alcoholic who gains an inheritance, only to find that someone is prepared to kill him for it. To survive he must sober up, solve a murder, and stay one step ahead of the man who wants him dead. A Fine House was longlisted for the William McIlvanney Prize for the best Scottish crime novel in 2016.

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