The pandemic is spreading...

On Friday, three civil servants leading Virus policy in Scotland hold a secret meeting at the Edinburgh Museum of Plagues and Pandemics.  By Monday, two of them are dead and one is missing.


It's up to Mona and Bernard of the Health Enforcement Team to find the missing official before panic hits the streets.

Death at the Plague Museum is the third book in the Health of Strangers series, published by Sandstone Press.

‘Tartan Noir has found a new and exciting voice.’ Edinburgh Evening News

‘Fast, edgy and funny.’ Michael J. Malone




‘Definitely a book which merits your attention.’


‘If you want a twist on the crime novel with a large helping of Scottish humour, this is the book for you. A very entertaining fast-paced debut novel.’


‘... bristles with wit from start to finish, this is a stunning debut.’


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